First time in Fiji?

Bula! So, you’ve made the decision to visit the south pacific and Fiji is on your list.. congrats! Yes, its beautiful, lush (depends on where you go) and friendly. What to expect in Fiji? As some would say, its very laid back. Everything kinda runs on island time which means its slow and the locals

Manila airport to Makati city transport

If you’ve ever been in Philippines, you know how crazy their public transport system is. It’s quite bad as none of them are integrated in such a way and jeepneys seems to be their first preference. They have trains, lightrail, jeepneys and taxis. Although trains are available, they are not very well connected, however can

Novi Sad day trip

Novi Sad, the third biggest city in Novi Sad is lesser known to visitors and is seldom visited. I decided to head to this city to find out more about what they have to offer. Getting there Heading to Novi Sad is a breeze. I took the local train which runs directly between Belgrade and Novi

Lofoten Islands

Should you bother?  Yes, you should! My experience was certainly mixed and by the end of it, I highly recommend taking a trip to Lofoten islands. Landscape is magical and none that I have encountered anywhere else before. I would say its a mix between Swiss mountains and New Zealand scenery so it is very beautiful

Dajti mountains and how to get there

This article is a quick guide on public transport to Dajti mountains cable car. Public transport Take Bus #1 – Porcelani (navy blue bus) near the local bus station close to Skanderbeg square. It takes around 20-25 mins to get to the end of the bus line (even during rush hour) and only 40 leke one way. From the end

Don’t let Tirana disappoint you

Okay, lets get one thing right. Tirana is not the most exciting place in the balkans or have a lot to offer travellers who eventually pass through this capital city. But its not the worst place either as some other people have said. Arriving by bus from Podgorica, it appears that both cities probably had