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Hotel Tjampuhan and Spa, Ubud: Review

Hotel: Hotel Tjampuhan and Spa Where: Ubud, Indonesia Room Type: Raja Double Room, Arie Smith 5 When: Late October, 2015 Booked through When comparing the hotel website and, room options are completely different. Since I booked through I opted for the cheapest room (still pretty expensive). Room was very big compared to any

My bucket list

OMG, there’s so many places and things to do in this world and everyone wants to do more, see more places, experience different cultures and bite into some great food. You then realise you cant do everything so you make a priority. Here’s my bucket list of things to do. Hopefully I will be lucky

Bali: The Verdict

For Australians, Bali is an easy getaway for cheap booze and to a wild party zone (well, for most of us anyway). It is also very exotic that most Australians adore! So what is it about Bali that gets us you’d ask. And so did I? It was not until last year that I decided

Yey, here we go

Oh god, contemplating for so long about writing my first post about my travels and places I want to travel, I finally decided to make it happen. So much has happened over the past years and I’ve visited many places that I really enjoyed and can vouch for, hopefully this ¬†will be a good start