Europe by bus

So I’m in Europe now and are taking a lot of buses between cities. Why? Its cheap! Well, its cheaper than trains and I have time so why not give it a try, eh?

Before I decided to give it a try, mainly for financial reasons, I hated buses. There’s not enough room and you are kinda forced to sit for the entire duration of the ride. If the ride is a short one, then you are lucky, but in Europe, distances can be greater and this can lead to frustration in a bus.

So far (as of 13 Aug 2017), I’ve done a few trips:

  • Prague to Vienna – 6 hours (with a 45 min additional delay due to road works) with RegioJet
  • Vienna to Bratislava – 2 hours with Flix Bus
  • Bratislava to Budapest – 3 hours with RegioJet
  • Budapest to Zagreb – 5.5 hours (with border control) with Bus Croatia
  • London to Bath – 3 hours with National Express
  • Barcelona to Andorra – 3 hours with AndBus
  • Andorra to Toulouse – 3 hours with AndBus


I think they provide the best service out of all so far. Buses include toilet, free coffee/tea, entertainment (yes!), free headphones for your entertainment, power sockets (important)

Flix bus

Least favorite so far but can be annoying at times. When I tried to look for the bus from Vienna to Bratislava, guy at the counter said I booked the wrong bus (well, how am I suppose to know its for people from Germany! duh) and was refunded some amount of money and issued a ticket for a bus that leaves in 3 mins. That was a saviour but not great. After than, ride was smooth and I don’t have much to complain other that I the driver didn’t really say if it was the central bus station of somewhere else so I actually got off early but closer to my accommodation.

Bus Croatia (aka Crnja Tours)

So far so good. No english spoken by the driver, no toilets on board (we did have a toilet break and another when crossing the border). Was dropped off at the right station and no issues. Great!


Small company which runs services between Andorra, France and Spain. Unlike other bus operators, their buses are smaller shuttles which I think is great. Service is great and leaves right on time. I did miss my bus from Barcelona but they do allow your ticket to be used for later buses too without the hassle. What a saviour! Both rides were without issues.

Notes: Post will be updates as and when new rides are completed.

National Express

A larger bus operator within the UK and has more connections to almost everywhere you can go. Easy to book a ticket but the main bus station can be a bit tricky if you are first time user. Please ask at the counters to make sure the gate. Gates can be pretty hectic as there’s no clear separation between them. Service is good, runs on time. Wifi and toilets onboard.


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