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Since taking a turn to travel more, I have taken the habit of sending postcards to my mother who lives in Sri Lanka. In my opinion, receiving a postcard from someone overseas gives the excitement the traveller is going through, and as a result I think my mother get to experience my experiences. She loves to travel but she is now retired and although has more time, she is somewhat tied up with homely stuff. Anyway, getting back to the top, as I personally like to received postcards from anyone, I have not just send postcards to my mother, but have also included my sister and friends.

Time it takes for a postcard to reach another part of the world vary so much that it would be a month before someone can actually receive it. And of course by that time, you would be home and they would have all heard about the adventures. Still, having that card in your mailbox gives a chance for them to have something physically attached to the places I’ve been to. Hence more tangible and a lasting memory.

I know that my sister keeps her’s attached to her fridge with little momentos such as a fridge magnet and so do I. I have only been sending postcards until recently that I realised maybe I would like to receive a postcard for myself from some place (not all because you’ve been there done that) just as a small reminder of a great adventure I’ve had and wanting to re-live it. Hence the subject of this post. Surely, you would have done the same at least once because you either liked the postcard yourself or wanting a piece of it.

So far, everyone have received all postcards I’ve posted until I had a hick-up and tried to post a few from Bali. It was a bit hectic in Bali and I was always rushing here and there to see as much as possible (as I usually do!) and forgot that I had to post a few which I’ve bought previously. Anyway, I decided to write them and post from the airport just to realise there is no postbox within the airport which was a bummer. I have asked a few security personnel at the airport and they would direct me to different areas but no luck. Which is when I decided to ask for help from a lady security personnel to put them in the postbox which is outside of the security gates (I was already within the secured are after check-in). Months later, I’ve only heard from one friend in Australia thanking me for the postcard. And then I realised, well they have finally made it as she had actually posted them. Which was a relief. Well, no so lucky yet. Sad thing is most didn’t reach their destination as I know my sister or mother did not get them to whom I always write to. And this has been the only missing postcard scene I’ve had, but an important one.

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While also in Bali we got offered a bundle of postcards at a temple which was selling for 7000 rupiah (about AU $0.70). We wouldn’t know the design of all of them as they were all different, but decided to but 1 pack and share among myself and my travel companion. Got back to our hotel and opened the pack to realise we didn’t like them so much that we could post most of it. Having returned home with the leftovers, I used them as bookmarks which was another purpose for them. At least I don’t burn the money I spent on them.

Do you have interesting stories about postcards to share? I am keen to hear.

Waiting for my next postcard…

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