Manila airport to Makati city transport

If you’ve ever been in Philippines, you know how crazy their public transport system is. It’s quite bad as none of them are integrated in such a way and jeepneys seems to be their first preference.

They have trains, lightrail, jeepneys and taxis. Although trains are available, they are not very well connected, however can be pretty useful if one wants to avoid the crazy traffic.

One thing I realised when I was recently in Philippines is that I don’t want to take jeepneys, partly because I didn’t know which one to take and to avoid sitting squashed in one. However, I must admit its quite cheap if you want to be adventurous costing only 7 pesos a trip!

Getting back on track with the theme of the post, if you are heading to Makati city from airport there are 2 decent options: 1 – Taxi and 2 – Take bus/train combination.

Option 1: Taxi

If you are not alone and with a small group, I highly advice taking a taxi by lining up in the taxi line just outside of the airport. Do not make the mistake of getting into one with the touts outside as I found the prices exuberant. They just want to make the most amount of money. I ran past 3 people on the way to the taxi stand which continually dropped in price but still higher, starting at 1500 pesos, then 750, then 500.

500 pesos are still higher for a trip to Makati city as its only about 2km from the airport. By lining up for a taxi, you will just pay the normal fair which is probably around 200-250. So if you are with a group or a few people, thats a great price.

Option 2: Bus and Train/Lightrail

I was travelling alone and was on a budget. Although I did line up for the taxi, I ended up taking the bus and train to get to Makati city. You need to combine the airport bus and the lightrail plus some walking if you decide to take this option.

First, take the white airport loop bus. Located closely to the taxi stand, you will notice these buses immediately (they are the only buses around anyway). There are 2 buses, one that takes you to the other terminal and one to the city. Make sure you get on the right bus that goes to EDSA (a stop on the lightrail line 3. See it in Google maps). EDSA is the last stop of the bus so you don’t need to worry about asking anyone where to get off the bus. Its a flat fee of 20 pesos!

EDSA bus terminal is close to TAFT lightrail line 3 (start of the line) and is about 20 meters away from the bus stand on the main road. Get on to the lightrail station and buy a ticket.

Buendia stop is the closest to Makati city (depending on where you are staying) which is 3 stops away from TAFT station. ticket costs 16 pesos. You will get a prepaid plastic card as the ticket. From Buendia, its about 10-15 min walk to Makati city (depending on your pace). Alternatively you can grab a taxi from here.


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