My bucket list

OMG, there’s so many places and things to do in this world and everyone wants to do more, see more places, experience different cultures and bite into some great food. You then realise you cant do everything so you make a priority. Here’s my bucket list of things to do. Hopefully I will be lucky enough to cross all of them 🙂

  1. New York for New Years
  2. Take a long walk in New York central park
  3. Go to Bahamas
  4. Go to Cuba
  5. Climb Empire State building
  6. Go to Vanuatu
  7. Go to Maldives
  8. Stay in an over water bungalow in Maldives
  9. Visit Atlantis in Dubai
  10. Take part in La Tomatina festival
  11. Visit Morocco
  12. Go to Versailles
  13. Sleep under Eiffel Tower
  14. Hitch hike in a remote island
  15. Climb a volcanic mountain
  16. Take the shinkansen
  17. Climb Mount Fuji
  18. Have dinner with a Royal family
  19. Visit Japan
  20. Go whale watching
  21. Visit Machu Pichu
  22. Go see Rio Carnival
  23. Visit Serbia
  24. Take Trans Siberian railway
  25. Visit Darwin
  26. Go on a cruise
  27. Trek the Kakadu Trail
  28. See Northern Lights
  29. Visit Antarctica
  30. Trek the Great Wall of China
  31. See Taj Mahal
  32. Visit Guernsey
  33. Sail in Mediterranean sea
  34. Train across Europe
  35. See Niagara Falls
  36. See Angkor Wat
  37. Visit Siem Reap
  38. Road trip in US
  39. Visit South Korea
  40. Go to Egypt

What’s yours?

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