Waterfall and a lost phone

For those who live in Sydney, Wentworth Falls sounds like yet another trip to the blue mountains. Yes, it does usually involved a 2 hour drive to the mountains usually with a lot of traffic (yes, it is very popular and beautiful). For those who doesn’t know, this may be a good starting point or a review, whatever you wanna call it.

This has been on the cards for a while for me. Although I’ve been to the mountains numerous times (days trips at times!), getting to Wentworth falls has been a challenge. Well, it is not out of the way from the main highway, just that getting there seems to be postponed every time. I finally did get to see it from a distance a couple of weeks before this trip from the lookout point, but from I’ve heard of this, getting to the bottom is a joy. It does involve a bit of a hike down the hill, often with some dangerous navigation. You’ll know what I mean later….

A long weekend was a better excuse to give this a go so we drove directly to the falls with the intension of getting to the bottom of the falls. Like I said, mountains is a popular tourist destination and being a long weekend it seem like everyone was there. Specially the bus loads of Chinese tourist who doesn’t usually behave very well (or quiet!). Ignoring all the hustle and bustle at the start with everyone we started on the first bits of the walk. Hike all the way down to the bottom of the falls is a manageable 1.5-2 hours from the base picnic area. where you can even have a barbecue!

Beautiful Wentworth falls

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First 2 sections of the walk is amazing and have the best possible views in all directions as well as have great selfie opps (who would like that). It is so easy that families with small children as well as young at hearts can also do this. First bit of the waterfall is where the big drop of it starts and edge (although you cannot get to it and not recommended) is a fantastic spot. After this starts the interesting 2nd leg where the path is narrow, windy and has a lot of steep steps (you be the judge), but I think this is interesting to all ages, plus the photo opps too.

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Most people will get to the 2nd leg and take the long walk back to the bast. Last leg to the bottom is the hardest and not recommended for those with fear of heights as it does involve going down 6 flights of steps. When I visited, there was a small landslide at the beginning of the 3rd leg and will be difficult to navigate your way down. I absolutely love the last bit as it was less crowded (hardly anyone was there).

Finally, arriving at the bottom of the falls, you can start to appreciate the sheer drop and the beauty. There isn’t much room to move around here but you get to relax and admire where very few get to. Rocks here can be wet and can be slippery and if you are not very careful you can slip and fall just like I did.In summer, you could probably have a dip in the water here, but I think its still cold. There appears to be a small tracks passing the waterfall which leads to somewhere as I did notice a group of (properly geared) people leading. As I fell down I had one of the worst experiences of my life, where I heard a loud bang! Luckily, it wasn’t a bone, but my phone. It was completely smashed (though my friend picked it up and didn’t want me to see it) with a bruised arm and a leg and a jammed finger (ouch). It was hell for a bit, but I could move. I was alive and nothing was broken and emergency services were required. I did have to take some time to normalise and evaluate if I can climb up all  those stairs without any help. It felt like a struggle but I did manage to climb all the way to the top again.

This has been one of the best things I’ve done and I can vouch for it (without the loss of my beloved iPhone).

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